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Thursday, January 2

... and I'm back for 2014!

Well, okay the change of my domain name was not in my original plan. I may have had a typographical error in the contact e-mail field when I renewed '' last year. Since I did not receive any notification about expiry, I happily went on with my work and holidays without realising it had lapsed for some period of time. Now, I'm being locked out of my ''! I mean, I can pay $200 to retrieve it back, but seriously? That is more than 10 years of domain purchase - it just doesn't make sense. So here I am, with an entirely new domain name that most people following me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest would have been familiar with ('tanxtine')! So, update your browsers / referral links / blogger or media listings, peeps!

Anyway, domain issues aside, it has been more than a while, I know.

It was a mixture of being relocated for work training and outbreak of my hyper-sensitive skin and laziness, heh.
So basically I was sent to Hong Kong for 3 months for training. My skin condition became bad because I did not get to do my regular facials, yet at the same time I couldn't blog or instagram much about colour cosmetics since my then-facial sponsor was pro-natural skin. In the end, the collaboration did not last for long, but I was still plagued with troubled skin - my skin had never been that sensitive.

Thereafter, brands and media agencies had been sending me press kits with samples and stuff, but I never got the chance to complete my trial periods without having my skin break out in discomfort. I had to put a halt to my usual SK-II routine, and really stuck strictly to what the skin doctor prescribed.

Now, my skin is slowly regaining its former glory but I have become more selective and conservative so as to what I include in my skincare regime - even though I really want to try everything!? It might just be my own opinion, but I would like to believe that my recent acquisition of the Clarisonic Mia helped to prevent unnecessary break-outs due to improper cleansing along this recovery process. Ever since I bought the electronic facial brush, I have not been going for any facial. Not that there is no need to, but my skin condition is now within my own control. I used to be reliant on facials (1 visit every 3 to 4 weeks if my schedule permits), and now I am determined to regard facials as a pampering treat so as to cut costs on my expenses!

2013 was very eventful - such a whirlpool of events and milestones that happened. Pertaining to this blog, there are definitely more downs than ups, but looking back, I would like to think that there is nothing worth regretting. I am happy with how life is now - my achievements at work, my relationship - oh did I mention that I am engaged?

Possibly the best thing that happened to me in 2013. Strangely, the Mister did not engage a photographer or videographer to capture the moments but I think these selfies or snaps are more than enough to relive the sweet memories!

So, I guess I will documenting all my wedding and house preparations here in the many months to come. To be honest, I have some ideas about the house renovation and decor but I was not much of a "wedding person" to think of how I would want mine to be. I am starting from Ground Zero. 

Anyway, to usher in a good 2014, I went to have my hair done at 99 percent Hair Studio again!



Rejoice! 99 percent Hair Studio will not be increasing their rates or imposing a peak-period surcharge from now till 29th January - they are closed from 30th January to 6th February.

There is a complimentary protein treatment voucher that is given out for $200 spent (for members, member discount suspended till after CNY) or $250 spent (for non-members)! 
This voucher can be redeemed any time AFTER CNY.

If you're dropping by for your hair fix, remember to sign up for their membership! For just $15, you get 10% off all services - there is a 50% off hair cut if you couple it with other services on the same visit. There will be an additional 10% on top of everything if it is your birthday month.

That's not all. If you bring a friend down with you as referral, both you and your friend gets 20% off the same visit! If you do the referral within your birthday month, that's a lot of savings!

Was so tempted to cut my hair into a bob once again, but I guess I can only grow my hair out long to get ready for the wedding which I have no idea when is it going to take place. 

If you are interested in their rates, you would find the following photo helpful:
They only have price tiers for 3 hair lengths - short, medium (above shoulder), and long (on shoulder and beyond). Their services are all ala carte style, except for their well-known Scalp Treatment.


The actual colour of my va-va-voom red hair under day light!

Here's to an awesome 2014!

... and thank you for sticking around :)

Wednesday, October 23

Going viral: Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?

Just today I came across 2 videos on Facebook that left a deep impression, such that I have to compile them for sharing.

Seriously, with friends like this, who needs enemies?
Dudes, why did you encourage such stupidity? He's your bro!!!

Tuesday, October 15

Tory Burch opens in Changi Airport, Singapore!

Yes, the title says it all!

Aren't you excited?! I am!

Really love their boho-chic prints with smart and bold colour combinations! I once went all the way to Macau just to get myself this leather cuff bracelet.

I still love it very much.

Tory Burch's first airport store is right here at Terminal 1 of Changi Airport. That means you can enjoy 7% GST savings when you depart! For those who are still clueless, there are still sky trains available at the airside even when you go past the immigration counters! Now, you know where to head if you're departing on Scoot or Singapore Airlines and have time to kill.

It's opposite Gucci; at the foot of the escalator (Level 1) that leads you to Subway (Level 2). 

Sally Wedges!!! 

The iconic Robinson tote in Saffiano leather

I know what you're thinking - you're welcome! ;D

Wednesday, August 21

99percent Hair Studio - Why not 100%, you ask?

Ever since my partnership with Salon Vim ended a few months ago, I haven't actively sourced for any new hair sponsor. Thanks to the referral of an awesome someone (you know who you are!), I got invited to try out 99percent Hair Studio at Haji Lane!

I was greeted by a very warm, homely ambience with chirpy staff! 

After some discussion, the stylists decided to do a relaxing hair treatment since I did a digital perm not too long ago.

The Relaxing Hair Treatment consists of an organic scalp treatment and an organic hair treatment. 

For the scalp treatment, the salon has facilities to view the condition of your scalp! Isn't that cool? You can see the improvement immediately! 

Behold as I am about to unveil how clogged the pores on my scalp were:

Pardon the reflection. The strands (including the copper-colored ones) are my hair and the base is my scalp. The coagulated slimey yellow portion was an example of how clogged the pore was! 

I have to admit that I may have been doing a slipshod job at shampooing my hair. After all, I have to do it everyday and did not see any problem at all - until now. Please give a thorough scrub to your entire head during shampooing, guys! Especially the top part of your scalp - blame yourself if you start balding prematuredly because you had your pores clogged for too long!

Step 1 of the scalp treatment involves an O'Right solution that gently exfoliates my scalp. The stylist basically applied it across several areas of my scalp and rubbed dead cells off my scalp.  
Well, couldn't resist snapping a shot of my Indonesian 'tai-tai' moment while my scalp was being exfoliated... Say hi to voluminous hair!

One more shot as Shan tries not to appear disgusted at my scalp :O

:O All the dead cells... Why were you clogging my pores?!

Yes, it was quite bad. I asked Shan, "So all these small white flakes are normal?"
"Usually, not so many, lah."
Ok, can.

After rinising, Shan started the organic hair treatment before wrapping up with an applicator that releases bouts of oxygen mixed with a solution to every part of my scalp. 

Remember the scalp-viewing machine that they have?

This is a snap shot of my clean scalp! You can evidently see strands of hair sticking out of the pores. For my age, it is normal to see 2 to 3 strands of hair sticking out of each pore.

No flakes of dandruff or clogged pore at all!

To achieve this look, Shan and Fion applied:

2. O'Right Golden Rose Oil for that extra bit of shine
3. O'Right Curl Enhancing Cream to further define my curls

And going back to my blogpost title: Why not 100%?

I posed that question to the hair stylists and they happily directed me to this wall:

In fact, 99percent Hair Studio moved from Far East Plaza to Haji Lane to better create such a warm, lively environment that better illustrate their support of using organic or environmentally-friendly products.

Selling O'Right products at their door! Very affordable eco-friendly products that do wonders to your hair. 

O'Right is a Taiwanese brand that was first launched in 2011 and have received many accolades and media mentions by Taiwanese and Malaysian media. It is also said to be very popular in Europe.

Here's the 99percent Hair Studio Team at Haji Lane!

Call +65 6396 3667 to make an appointment.
99percent Hair Studio is located at 40 Haji Lane 
and is open from 11am to 8:30pm daily.

They are also on Facebook and Instagram!

99percent Hair Studio is currently having a giveaway for its followers!

All you have to do is to:
1) Follow them on Instagram (@99percenthairstudio)
2) Like them on Facebook (Search for 99 Percent Hair Studio)
3) Like and share their Facebook post here

Good luck!

Monday, August 19

World's 1st: SK-II's Stempower Essence product launch at Changi Airport

Early last month, I was one of the privileged few who were invited to the inaugural launch of SK-II's Stempower Essence at Changi Airport!

This was definitely one of the more memorable events I've been to-date for many reasons:
- Was whisked away with fellow bloggers in a car to Changi Airport Terminal 1. I think all of us had the temptation to buy a ticket on the spot and SCOOT OUT OF SINGAPORE!! So near yet so far...
- Launching a skincare product at the transit area of the airport! Only those who work at the airport would appreciate this fact the most, because there are too many procedures to go through for the show to go on
- Not 1 nor 2, but 4 of Singapore's Top Supermodels at the same non-fashion event simply means an eye-candy galore for all of us. 

Let the pictures do the talking for now:

Supermodel #1: Sheila Sim opens the mini fashion show that was sponsored by Love, Bonito

Supermodel #2: Vivien Ong, fellow The New Paper New Face alumni rocks the runway with her androgyny

Co-owner of Singapore's leading fashion e-commerce retailer, Love, Bonito - Viola Tan

Also featured: (Third from left) Ivy Chng - one of Singapore's earliest batch of Supermodels, and (Fourth from left) Serena Adsit who manages Mint Models.

SK-II's Beauty Trainer, Cindy Cheong gives a live product demonstration 

With SK-II's Stempower Essence, "Age Does Not Matter". It activates our skin's "Master Switch" - which lies within the epidermal root cells, such that it enhances both protective and regenerative cell action, and regulate protein production to increase and enhance our inner cell density. Thus, with 2 weeks of use, the Stempower Essence can help achieve poreless-looking bouncy skin. In fact, their tests have shown that it reduces the visibility of pores immediately after 1 application. 

The new product contains several key ingredients which include:
- Artichoke Extract: a popular vegetable in Europe
- Stem-Acanax, which is critical in improving skin's radical firmness
- Kinren Extract, which promotes cell density

The Stempower Essence is best used with the Stempower. When used together, they are able to provide 200% increase in penetration of active ingredients and almost 200% increase in the level of hydration, as compared to using the Stempower alone.

The Stempower Essence is now available at S$156 (30ml) or S$224 (50ml).

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